Claire Forster - Naturopath


What to Expect in a Bach Flower Consultation

In a Bach Flower consultation I will begin by asking you which particular emotions you would like to address with Bach Flower therapy.  It's not necessary for you to tell me details of situations or events - what is important is that you tell me how the situations or events make you feel.  Bach Flower remedies are matched to thoughts, feelings and behaviours.

You will do most of the talking, but when necessary I will ask questions in order to gain a deeper understanding.  I will then suggest a number of remedies based on what you've told me and together we will confirm which remedies to include in your formula.

A Bach Flower remedy lasts approximately four weeks.  Sometimes as old emotions pass, new ones arise and further Bach Flower consultations may be beneficial.  As you start to learn more about the individual remedies, you are also welcome to choose your own formula, which I can make for you.

Bach Flower consultation prices