Claire Forster - Naturopath


Welcome!  I run a boutique naturopath practice, supporting women as they transition through menopause naturally.

My mission is to open up the conversation about menopause, embracing it as a normal and natural process that occurs during a woman's mid-40's and 50's.

What most women need during this time is relief from the unpleasant and sometimes overwhelming physical and emotional symptoms that are known to be associated with the hormonal changes of menopause (as well as others which aren't quite as well known).

However, the menopausal years are a significant time in a woman's life and therefore can also provide an important opportunity for reflection as well as some consideration for the next phase of life - both in a physical sense (health) as well as emotionally (wellbeing).

Wouldn't it be wonderful if menopause was a time in your life that you felt you could fully embrace?  That is my wish for you and it's why I take a holistic approach that focuses on five pillars: sensible and realistic dietary advice, high quality supplements, appropriate exercise, restorative sleep and emotional wellbeing. 

A truly holistic approach to health goes beyond addressing the immediate symptoms, by offering sustainable measures that promote optimal wellness.

What to expect in a naturopathic consultation