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Frequently Asked Questions

Claire Forster, Naturopath - Frequently asked questions

 What is a naturopath?

The term 'naturopath' is used to represent practitioners who are guided by a set of naturopathic principles.  These principles emphasise the healing power of nature and the body's innate healing potential.

Naturopaths can utilize a range of different sub-modalities.  In my clinic this includes: nutritional advice, lifestyle advice (e.g. exercise, stress management), herbal medicine, mineral therapy and nutritional supplementation.

What is a registered naturopath?

In New Zealand, registration for naturopaths is voluntary.

Naturopaths and Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (Inc) is a self-governing society for registered naturopaths working in New Zealand.  Members of the society are required to meet and uphold professional standards such as training and education (including ongoing education), working within a scope of practice and following a Code of Conduct.

How long will it take to feel better?

This is always a difficult question to answer because everyone's situation is unique.

Some people may notice improvements quite quickly, while for others it might take a bit longer.  Regardless, I'm always looking for signs early on that indicate we're on the right track.

What supplements do you supply?

I have access to a wide range of high-quality supplements and each supplement I recommend is selected based on your individual requirements.

Many of the supplements I use are 'practitioner-only', which means they can only be provided after a consultation (i.e. they are not available via usual retail channels).  However I do sometimes recommend high-quality retail supplements.

How do I order more supplements?

Most supplements can easily be re-ordered online.  Payment can be made via credit card or direct debit and delivery within the Auckland region is usually within two business days*.

* allow an extra one to two days for rural delivery.