Claire Forster - Naturopath



Claire Forster - Naturopath & Bach Flower Practitioner

I'm a qualified naturopath and medical herbalist, with a Bachelor of Natural Medicine from the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine in Auckland.

My background is in information technology/computing, but I became interested in nutrition and natural remedies after suffering my own health issues.

Completing a Bachelor degree has equipped me with the skills required to research natural medicine, looking at the latest scientific information and balancing this with traditional methods.

My practice is located on the border between Ellerslie and Mount Wellington - less than five minutes from the Ellerslie Panmure off ramp and less than 10 minutes from the Mount Wellington off ramp.  The street is generally not very busy and there is plenty of on-street parking.


Claire Forster, Naturopath - outside (Ellerlise/Mt Wellington, Auckland)

Claire Forster, Naturopath - inside (Ellerslie/Mt Wellington, Auckland)