Claire Forster - Naturopath



Claire Forster - Naturopath

I began my career in information technology/computing, but became interested in nutrition and natural remedies after suffering some of my own health issues.  My interest quickly turned into my passion and before I knew it, I was enrolled in naturopathic college.

After graduating, I developed a keen interest in women's health - it was something I strongly related to and I could see the role that naturopathy had in supporting a range of health issues experienced by women.

However it was a little later on (as I got older myself), that I started thinking more about menopause.  There was something that didn't sit right with me about women going through this normal and natural phase of life, but at the same time suffering with physical and/or emotional symptoms.  Many of these symptoms are quite well known and for some women this can cause a bit of apprehension as they approach menopause.

So after some consideration, I decided to focus my attention purely on supporting women during their menopausal years (technically known as 'peri-menopause').  I'm a bit of a self-confessed geek, so being able to delve deep into the details of menopause (as well as some of the other health conditions that women more commonly experience around this time of life) suits my personality well!  I enjoy researching and sifting through the abundance of information available, with the ultimate goal of making sense of it all and presenting it in a way that is easy to understand.


I'm a qualified naturopath and medical herbalist, with a Bachelor of Natural Medicine from the South Pacific College of Natural Medicine in Auckland.

Completing a Bachelor degree has equipped me with the skills required to research natural medicine, looking at the latest scientific information and balancing this with traditional methods.

Continuing education

I am a professional member of Naturopaths & Medical Herbalists of New Zealand (Inc) (NMHNZ).

To maintain my membership with NMHNZ I am required to obtain a certain number of continuing education points biannually though various educational activities such as attending seminars.  This helps ensure that I stay up-to-date with the latest information related to naturopathy and herbal medicine.


My practice is located on the border between Ellerslie and Mount Wellington - less than five minutes from the Ellerslie Panmure motorway off ramp and less than 10 minutes from the Mount Wellington off ramp.  The street is generally not very busy and there is plenty of on-street parking.


Claire Forster, Naturopath - outside (Ellerlise/Mt Wellington, Auckland)

Claire Forster, Naturopath - inside (Ellerslie/Mt Wellington, Auckland)